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Reverse Transfer

Students who transferred from a Michigan community college to a Michigan university can transfer credits back to the community college to earn an associate degree. The process is simple and free.


Why Earn an Associates Degree?

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College Success

Community college students with an associate degree are more likely to earn a bachelors degree.

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Increased Earnings

Associate degree recipients earn $423,000 more in a lifetime than people with only a high school diploma.

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Greater Job Security

Associate degree earners experience less unemployment than the average American worker and less than a person with only a high school diploma.


Eligibility Criteria

Students who have not earned an associate degree may be eligible to transfer courses back to their community college for free if you have

  • earned 15 credits at a community college
  • earned 15 credits at a university
  • in good standing with no holds on your record
  • earned a C or better in all transferrable courses

Contact Your University Today

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your university will send your transcript back to the community college for free. The community college will check to see if you have met all of the associate degree requirements. For additional information, contact your university to begin the process.

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