MiTransfer & MiWorkforce Pathways


The MiTransfer Pathways agreements are multi-institutional articulation agreements that allow students to complete associate and bachelor's degrees at participating institutions across the state of Michigan. Information on the background of the MiTransfer project and materials from the MiTransfer Pathways meetings are on the Michigan Center for Student Success website. 59 institutions including 28 community colleges, 15 public universities, and 16 independent colleges and universities signed agreements in 10 program areas including Art, Biology, Business, Communication, Criminal Justice, Exercise Science, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Public Health, and Social Work.

MiWorkforce Pathways provide guidance about transfer agreements between applied workforce degrees at community colleges and bachelor's degree completion programs at Michigan's public and independent colleges and universities. Additional information can be found on the Michigan Center for Student Success website. The four program areas include Applied Business, General Applied Science, Healthcare, and Information Technology.

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Details about each pathway including the full agreement, a list of participating institutions, and the filterable list of exceptions is below. A 14-minute video walks through the agreement terms and contents of the MiTransfer Pathways agreements.  Institutions who wish to join or leave the agreement or modify institutional information can review the Protocol for Joining or Leaving the Agreement or Modifying Institutional Information.  Institutions may also need to review the current list of MiTransfer Pathways transfer liaisons for each participating institution. 


MiTransfer Pathways

Art MiTransfer Pathway
Biology MiTransfer Pathway
Business MiTransfer Pathway
Communication MiTransfer Pathway
Criminal Justice MiTransfer Pathway
Exercise Science MiTransfer Pathway
Mechanical Engineering MiTransfer Pathway
Psychology MiTransfer Pathway
Public Health MiTransfer Pathway
Social Work MiTransfer Pathway

MiWorkforce Pathways

Applied Business MiWorkforce Pathway
General Applied Science MiWorkforce Pathway
Healthcare MiWorkforce Pathway
Information Technology MiWorkforce Pathway